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The Encyclopedia Section of Arts of War and Peace Review is an ongoing project that will develop into a full-fledged encyclopedia in the next few years. The material will currently be organized through an alphabetical listing by subject, and all contributors can also be found by searching for the author’s name or any word in the title using the search tool at the top of this website. The articles will also be indexed by keywords.

Alphabetical Listing of Articles by Subject, including date of publication:

Biological Targets of Chemical Weapons (AWP 1.1. March 2013) by Jean-Michel Panoff

Doves as Peace Symbols (forthcoming by A)

Peace Movements in France (forthcoming by M)

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Articles in this section

Submissions Solicited (Encyclopedia)

Thursday 14 March 2013 by JKC7
Submissions are solicited for AWP Encyclopedia. You may define your own article subject. Please see AWP Notes Blog for details and a list of potential subjects.